ALS are now operating in  Europe, the ALS

brand is becoming a well known name

throughout the process industries.

working  in  the netherlands 

Our client had a job to design and build a replacement top loading gantry, which was to feed oil into a road tanker, they tried going in and surveying the area, but it was very congested and found they were constantly missing dimensions. ALS went in with a 3D laser scanner, we took 14 scans within the area, which the client specified; we used 12 reference spheres to help triangulate ourselves around the road
loading gantry and was able to produce a point cloud file accurate to +/-1mm.

With this file we used specialist point recognition software to accurately model out the pipework within the area, including any pipework fittings, pipe supports and major equipment. The client required the steelwork to be modelled out also, so using the same software we was able to match patterns of point cloud data against a UK steel catalogue and again accurately model out anything from I-Beams to Angle Iron. The client later came back and requested the hand rails for the local steel work walk ways, this took ALS only a couple of hours, we already had all the survey data to be able to model this out.

ALS have CLIENTS in EUROPE,  our surveying Team are fully equipped with SAFETY passports which are accepted across european termianls




AlS will complete pre-planning in order to determine the most efficient and therefore, cost effective solution.


ALS recognise that any form of site work on an operating site must be subject of both RAMS along with planning documents in order to expedite an efficient and safe survey.

3D Laser scan 

Recognised as the referred method for accurately capturing measured site data in using 3D laser scanning instruments. Traditional methods being time consuming  and subject to error.

register scan data  

Ounce ALS has been out on site with the 3D Laser Scanners we then process the scan using faro scene software.


ALS uses pipework recognition software to pick out the spherical shapes from the point cloud data this save valuable time modelling.


ALS can provide steel work models this can aid clients in the situation where they need  feed a new line through the site. ALS offer clash detection services.


Ounce ALS has been out on site with the 3D Laser Scanners we then process the scan using faro scene software.


ALS uses the clients specific nomenclature.





ALS are proud to have established point cloud technologies, now recognised as the preferred method for accurately capturing measured site data in using 3D laser scanning instruments. Traditional methods being time consuming and subject to error,


The vast engineering experience from over 30 years working within process industries has resulted in ALS now leading in the production of ‘brown field’ technical process models. ALS recognised the importance of our skilled 3D laser surveyors site familiarity.


Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are considered a fundamental requirement for companies operating a process operation. P&IDs play a significant role in the maintenance and modification of the process that it describes and should be maintained


For bulk storage operators capturing accurate tank data is an integral part of ensuring efficient day to day running of your facility. Be it for production, engineering, maintenance or health & safety, having a level of recorded information that can be…


ALS are proud to have been instrumental in advancing the engineering industry from traditional 2D to the growing opportunities afforded by our 3D technologies. As a result of our marketing, the majority of engineers and managers working in


Webshare is freely available software offering powerful facilities for use with scan files. An intuitive overview map presents scans arranged as a ‘birds-eye’ view of your plant. Webshare enables you to walk your site from your PC, record measurements, annotate


Large Petrochemical


This represented around 25 days of 3D laser scanning, using traditional site survey methods to hand measure and sketch pipework sections would have taken 3 piping designers


inspection drawings 

A major UK pharmaceutical firm, required piping isometrics for NDT purposes of their main process plant, because of the size of the process unit (over 6000m2) and their limited staff, they asked us to scan the unit and from the scan data produce isometrics.


3d design 

For this project our client required Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (ALS) to complete 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling of a specific process area ahead of a new capital initiative.