Laser Surveying Humberside

Looking for a Laser Surveying Humberside?

Humberside has a focus on marine engineering and offshore renewable energyIf your Humberside business requires professional surveying services we have the experience and expertise in Laser Surveying to produce a full 3D map of your site at a fraction of the cost of traditional surveys. We focus on surveying services which include 3D laser scanning and modelling, within the process industry. Our clients not only benefit from our petrochemical engineering background but also our experience 3D Laser Surveying techniques and software applications including Tank Analysis and Isometric Creation; helping our clients with the forever ongoing demand for HSE compliance. Contact us today on 01245 407551

As a very successful engineering consultancy we have implemented large multi-disciplined international projects for refineries, fuel distribution, gas chemical, pharmaceutical, water treatment and detergent companies to name but a few. Recent developments with point cloud processing software have made Laser Surveying an attractive method to capture site information quickly and accurately. Laser Surveying gathers millions of measured data points that would have taken months to collect using traditional methods.

We at Advanced 3D Laser Surveying use Laser Surveying to enable us to produce highly accurate 3D models for application like Autodesk, Bentley and PDMS. These 3D model files have been used by our clients for 2D extraction including isometrics and orthographics and project integration.

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Laser Surveying Humberside

There is a wide variety of uses that Laser Surveying Humberside can be used for including:

3D Pipework Modelling
2D Isometrics for API 653
2D Orthographics
3D Tank Analysis
4D Video Flythrough
2D Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

Here are some advantages Laser Surveying:

Faster Surveying
Accurate +/-2mm
Full Site Coverage

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Laser Surveying Humberside