Are you looking for laser scanning in Madrid?

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (ALS) is equipped to provide laser scanning for our Madrid clients who recognise capturing accurate 3D laser scanned data is an integral part of efficient day to day running of your Madrid facility.

We understand the importance of Madrid for the oil, gas, shipping, storage, construction and development industries.

Laser Scanning Madrid

Benefits of ALS Laser Scanning for Madrid

Accurate – Laser scanning still holds the same level of accuracy you    would find with other traditional surveying methods. However, with 3D  laser scanners the level of human error is dramatically reduced as the  scanner is automatically recording its surroundings, without the need for  surveyors needing to use a target to measure subject matter.

Cheaper – Due to its speed 3D laser scanning is incredibly fast and  detailed, offering our clients considerable savings. With our range of bolt  on applications ALS can offer tank analysis, 3D models, facilities  management and plant videos.

Faster – Hands down 3D laser scanning is one of the fastest surveying  methods around, with its ability to record up to 960k points per second.  We can record your site assets at a fraction of the time traditional  methods like a theodolite would take.

Safer – 3D laser scanning uses a safe pulse laser, allowing persons to  move in and around our survey areas. Since we do not need to touch any  of your onsite assets to 3D laser survey, we significantly reduce risks  from slips and trips that traditional methods expose surveyors to.

Recent developments in laser scanning with point cloud processing software has made laser surveying an attractive method to capture site information quickly and accurately. 3D laser scanning gathers millions of measured data points in minutes and are not subject to the potential human errors associated with traditional measuring methods. Laser scanning is also safer as it does not require surveyors to be in contact with equipment. Our 3D laser scanning captures absolutely everything within the survey area enabling the data to be used to model out 3D or prepare 2D document types.

Our highly experienced team have worked on hundreds of laser scanning projects over the years for a wide range of clients in Madrid. We offer a choice of laser scanning modelling products which allow us to convert the ‘point cloud’ into a manageable file size, compatible with your systems.

Laser scanning is rapidly evolving as a surveying technique for the monitoring of construction and engineering projects across Madrid and the Spain. If you are looking for a professional 3D laser scanning specialist for your Madrid facility please do not hesitate to contact us.

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