The Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Group have been attending the TSA exhibition  for the last 4 years and have found it a great place to get the brand out to the UKs Tank storage community.

This year was an important year for us as we were launching our brand new EAM Software 4D Lizard and also ALS re-branded to A3D part of the Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Group. At this years event we had Lee Springthorpe   4D Lizard software architect owner at Lizard Design  joined us to help launch the product at the exhibition.

We realised after speaking to a number of our clients that asset management systems that operate on oil storage sites and refineries are more for the benefit  of accountancy  reports rather than a maintenance system. Terminals typically run with multiple software systems.

These can include finance, SHE, asset maintenance, document, quality, scheduling, monitoring, work order and stock control systems.

 Having a central Hub for every system on a terminal provided with the new 4D Lizard software this eliminates the possibility of duplication of information across a site.

4D Lizard is the management of your asset management systems Utilising asset information held within these management systems but displayed in a 3D model/PID format is proving to be just what the engineers are looking for.

A3D will be looking forward to the TSA 2020.

So by next years event, they will have many more applications that will help digitise assets, quickly safely and cost-effectively.

A big thank you to the team at the TSA, who gave us terrific support before, during and after the show.