Exciting times ahead for Advanced 3D Laser solutions, we are very excited to announce our new logo and re-brand from Advanced 3D Laser Solutions to A3D.

A3D has come a long way since we launched our business in 2014. We have developed a global brand that has been built on honesty, integrity and trust. This has resulted in long term relationships with clients across the process industry.

A3D’s success has been achieved by a commitment to researching both new and improving software enrichment’s and in listening to clients and market needs. As a result, A3D offer cost-effective solutions that enhance the client’s businesses.

The A3D brand is now recognised as the market leader capturing site data using laser technology. Creating 3D spec driven models, enabling A3D to offer our clients a number of applications including intelligent P&ID’s which is of major interest to the process sector.

Following a very successful exhibition at StocExpo in Rotterdam this year. It became clear that delegates/clients that visited the stand were interested to see how A3D could help them create a digital twin of their site, which has led to a number of projects both in the UK and Europe.

Introducing 4D Lizard built by Engineers for Engineers

From A3D’s research, client’s asset management systems are accounting biased. 4D Lizard provides an engineering-based extension, purpose-built specifically for the process industry. 4D Lizard uses cloud-based technology allowing seamless collaboration with all current asset systems. For those clients not having an established asset database, 4D Lizard has the ability to run its own database to provide the engineering functionality.

Quote from one of our UK clients….

4D Lizard a fantastic system which will improve efficiency, reduce cost and revolutionise maintenance for the tank storage industry. Actively monitor equipment and plan for future inspections or repairs using the 3D model as an interface, then by assigning values to assets this tool enables greater cost forecasting and analysis. 4D Lizard has the ability to slingshot petrochemical and storage tank maintenance management into the modern-day.

A date for your diaries 26th September

The Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Group will be launching 4D Lizard software at the Tank Storage Association (TSA) on the 26th September at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry, we also have the pleasure to announce that A3D are the Platinum Sponsors of this year’s Tank Storage Association event.


A3D would welcome an opportunity to present our technology, please call or email to arrange a meeting:

Tel: +44 (0) 1245 407 551 Mob: +44 (0) 7435 760 153 Email: colin@lasersurveying.com