About A3D
Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (A3D) have realised with there 30 years of engineering experience that the Process industry is due for a major change in how they record and store their site data. Currently, sites are still storing paper copies which are updated using traditional methods, meaning that highly skilled personnel are having to walk your site checking any modifications that have taken place. This is time-consuming and doesn’t offer the same level of accuracy, as using laser technology, that’s why A3D’s services are helping the process industry digitise their assets.

Project Managers and their teams who are tasked with checking that their P&ID’s are correct in readiness for their next HSE inspection, having a site completely resurveyed by the new contracting company is time-consuming and not cost-effective whereas all that needs to be done is an update. Throughout all site documents, clients have consistency issues where the drawings have been passed on by different survey companies.

A3D offer laser surveying services where the data is gathered in a matter of days, being an extremely cost-effective solution to obtain the site data, traditional methods would have entailed a surveyor to manually walk the lines, which to cover an entire site, this would have taken many months even years to complete. Laser scanners have an accuracy up to +/- 1mm this level of accuracy enables our team to create an accurate 3D model.

A3Ds Services
With the scan data, A3D produce a 3D Spec driven model. The model produces a number of different inspection documents which can be interlinked through the asset management software. By having this available it enables the client’s on-site documents to be more accessible throughout the organisation.

A3Ds New Software

A3D has come up with a solution called 4D LIZARD which can digitize Tank Storage Terminal sites. Feedback from established clients has always provided the inertia for A3Ds development of new products and services using the 3D laser technologies. On completion and handover of our 3D technology projects, forward-thinking clients are always asking A3D the question:

“How else can we utilise the 3D model or P&ID?”

This feedback brought about the decision to adopt the Autodesk Smart P&ID product for all new projects, allowing cross-validation of our 3D process model files and to facilitate linking of client’s asset systems as an easy to use graphical interface for engineers.

The client requirement is that the graphical user interface (GUI) must be easily maintained without the need for a specialised resource or training. Being linked to clients existing asset management software, our 3D model file can be used to identify a field asset even when the current asset number is unknown, without the need for specialised.

How A3D connect with existing systems

A3D extended the graphical 3D model interface option to include A3D’s Smart P&ID file, heralding the introduction of 4D Lizard. Built by Engineers for the benefit of Engineers! From our research, the client’s asset management systems are accounting biased. 4D Lizard provides an engineering biased extension, purpose-built specifically for the process industry. 4D Lizard uses cloud-based technology allowing seamless collaboration with all current asset systems. For those clients not having an established asset database, 4D Lizard has the ability to run its own database to provide the engineering functionality.
Asset, Document & Maintenance Management system 4D Lizard allows client held asset information including service, make, model, serial no, asset owner, work orders, scheduled tasks and test results to be linked to A3Ds models and P&IDs. Being process industry-specific, each asset category will be built with equipment specific fields, easily selectable as information for a tank record will not have the same data fields required for a valve or process line. Keeping on top of scheduled maintenance is time-consuming. Interrogating database held records to prepare scheduled inspection records all adds to your workload, especially as you need to know where every line and valve are on-site merely by its unique asset number.

4D Lizard links to your systems to export colour-coded schedules, the colour being dependent on its maintenance due date, where it can be viewed on the 3D process model, P&ID or as a simple report. Even though we are in the 21st century, clients still store records and drawings as paper copies, often in multiple locations creating the possibility of out of date information being used. 4D lizard not only allows you to easily file documentation to an asset or an area but also allows you to file against a specific process category i.e. DSEAR, COSHH, P&ID, Risk Assessment etc with a clear document history, avoiding the use of out of date records.

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Group recently invited one of our UK clients to review the software, please see his comments below.

“Quote from Tank Inspection Engineer”

“4D Lizard a fantastic system which will improve efficiency, reduce cost and revolutionise maintenance for the tank storage industry. Actively monitor equipment and plan for future inspections or repairs using the 3D model as an interface, then by assigning values to assets this tool enables greater cost forecasting and analysis. 4D Lizard has the ability to slingshot petrochemical and storage tank maintenance management into the modern-day”.