Why a Cloud-Based system?

When we were developing our EAM software, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions Group (A3D) realised that a cloud-based system offered many more advantages to clients rather than using an onsite server.

Firstly, the cost-saving, in both specialist hardware and upkeep in software updates, and secondly, the fact that upgrades to server storage can be implemented quickly and remotely with zero downtime, controlled by the 4D Lizard team.

Helping Onsite Operations

The benefit of having a system in the cloud means all onsite documentation is stored in one place where anyone can easily access it, and at any time

When an operator is out on site collecting data, the system will back up and restore from anywhere on a terminal, whether it’s an ATEX rated device or a computer back in the office.

Traditional methods mean editing paper documents on site and if there are any changes, then these drawings, annotated with red mark-ups, would be taken back to the office to be changed. The completed update isn’t recorded resulting in accidental loss of documentation.

How we minimise data loss?

Data that’s stored in the cloud can be backed up instantly, minimising data loss in disaster situations. Small set data set recovery time is improved. A server does provide physical control over backup but requires significant capital investment in hardware and infrastructure.


4D Lizard meets changing customer demands and expectations. Across all industries, the average consumer now expects much higher engagement, personalisation and ethical standards from their providers. For the process industry, implementing 4D Lizard software improves sustainability and customer interaction via connection through a 3D model where all client documentation is stored, allowing it to be easily accessible through 4D Lizard.