FARO scanners were recently featured in the BBC One series, ‘Italy’s Invisible Cities.’ The scanners played a major role in the programme, which explored underground tunnels, catacombs and underwater ruins in three Italian cities. The scanner’s technology exposed the inner workings of these previously unseen historical sites in incredible detail, unveiling a secret world. Each programme was accompanied by YouTube videos that allowed viewers to explore the captured data in 360, for a fully immersive experience. The programme highlighted the huge advantages laser scanning can have in the archaeological sphere, however this new technology has also been gaining recognition for its use in other applications and industries.

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions uses FARO scanners to capture data and create 3D models of storage facilities, pipelines and storage tanks. Scan time is a fraction of what it would be for manual data collection and the accuracy of the measurements is +/- 2mm, reducing potential down-time and saving labour costs for facility managers. The data can be used to create 3D models and video fly-thru’s of the facility, detect thinning of tank walls and low points in tank floors ahead of NDT work, and be kept on file to assist in other ways in the future. For example, should the facility wish to expand or make changes to layout, accurate and detailed measurements are at the facility manager’s fingertips. To see how ALS uses the FARO scanner in its services within a storage facility / industrial setting, please see our YouTube videos.

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Italy’s Invisible Cities Videos