Health and safety executive carried on inspection in order to draw conclusions related to the ageing plant. The age-related issues are the major causes of deterioration and degradation of industries. This research focuses on the ageing issues like corrosion, erosion and fatigue. These documents are made available for the industries to make sure they get the right information and awareness when addressing the ageing plant. This will provide the industry with a better understanding of the Health and safety executive views and concerns regarding this serious issue and will ensure safe and sound operation for many years.

According to research, the major cause of accidents and incidents in the industrial sector is due to poor plant performance. This is a real symptom of the ageing plant. According to the recent studies, 50% of European major industrial failures was due to the ageing plant mechanism such as corrosion, erosion and fatigue. This data analysis for HSE has shown that between 1980 and 2006 there have been 96 major accidents across the Europe due to the potential loss of containment. Incidents reported in EU major accident databases represents 30% of all reported ‘major accident’ loss of containment events in the MARS database and 50% of the technical integrity and control and instrumentation related events. These ‘ageing’ related accidents were the cause of an overall loss of 11 lives, 183 injuries and more than 170 Million Euros worth of economic loss.



Ageing is not just a measure of how old your equipment is; it is more concerned with the condition and wear and tear of the equipment over time. Ageing usually occurs when one or more components undergo natural deterioration with a high probability of failure with time.”

Ageing plant equipment isn’t just limited to just old equipment. Even relatively new equipment can have some faulty component, which can result in mechanical failures. On the other hand, very old, but well-maintained equipment might stand the test of time for longer.

Overall, the ageing plant is a plant which is, or may be, no longer considered fully fit for purpose due to deterioration or obsolescence in its integrity or functional performance.



Ageing deterioration is expected to be prevalent where there is even the slightest degree of incompatibility between the processing fluids and the material of the equipment. For your ease and convenience, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions is providing the best facilities in spotting the right location of any kind of fault and provide you with the absolute peace of mind. Their services are just a click way. Make sure you get them!



The major symptoms of ageing deterioration are erosion, corrosion and fatigue. It is highly crucial to keep a check on the equipment for the slightest sign of any of these. API 570 and API 653 types of equipment need to be regularly monitored. The 3D and 4D technology will help accomplish the tasks easily. Ageing deterioration must be avoided at any cost to assist the longevity of the plants and to help avoid the financial losses to the industries or overall country.

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