Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (A3D) in the first couple of years of trading A3D have had some amazing jobs in the UK working everywhere from Newcastle, London, Wales and Manchester. Then from 2018, we were fortunate enough to start receiving enquiries and winning projects in Europe such as Dublin, Rotterdam and Germany. Winning these jobs on the proven premise that A3D are able to help clients with compliance requirements such as P&IDs and NDT Inspection packs whilst remaining to be more cost effective than traditional methods.

A3Ds case studies have now become known in the Americas, two of A3Ds personnel have visited Texas USA this week to quote for numerous terminals to help produce up to date P&ID’s using 3D laser scanning technology; with the future possibility of using the point cloud data for further analysis such as bund volume calcs, NDT inspection packs and 3D process models.

It is obviously apparent that A3D staff cannot be responsible for undertaking the full survey work, because of travelling and hotels costs, this is why A3D have already found and built a working relationship, with a partner from the united states, which we look forward to working heavily within the upcoming future; the data they collect will be uploaded on to A3Ds secure cloud servers, where the A3D UK staff will process the data to the clients requirements.

If you have a possible project in mind, feel free to contact us, so we can discuss possibilities

A3D have recently launched they’re EAM Software 4D Lizard