Our 3D laser scanners capture
data with +/-1mm accuracy,
reducing the need to revisit sites.




In just four years, Advanced 3D Laser Solutions has quickly established itself with a strong client base in the UK and Europe. After Establishing a strong client base in the UK, the team set its sights on Europe, particularly  in the Netherlands, as its offered new opportunities  to  expand the company’s offering.

3D laser scanning 

A3D are proud to have established point cloud technologies, now recognised as the preferred method for accurately capturing measured site data in using 3D laser scanning instruments. Traditional methods being time consuming and subject to error, are being consigned to
history in regards surveying practice. 3D laser scanning instruments continue to improve with their accuracy and streamlining of scan file registration a cost effective solution. These improvements alongside A3D developing our surveying methods, has resulted in our accomplished surveyors being able to complete large scan surveys using multiple
instruments efficiently. Large sites, for instance 100-200 tank storage terminals requiring 1000-2000 scans, are now completed in days, to the benefit of our clients.

A3D process modelling projects are undertaken by our in-house team who return from surveying to process client’s 3D models and P&IDs. This approach along with our engineering background and training, ensures A3D deliver the quality of scan data and accuracy in 3D modelling that is the envy of our competitors. Added to this,where A3D are contracted for P&ID deliverables, our trained surveyors will also record equipment specific data using our Go-Pro cameras. Our internal training videos cover all aspects of both laser surveying and modelling, ensuring a consistent approach un-rivalled by other companies. As the laser scanning market grows, A3D are proud to have established ourselves as the ‘go-to’ competitive company who deliver the best results for the process industries

Laser scanning is far more efficient than traditional methods recording site assets in a fraction of the time

Scan data  EXAMPLE

This is Part of a clients site 3D Model,have a closer look and pan around this 3D spec driven model it  depicts the different services. For example what product is running through the lines. These Models offer a number of different outputs.


For the typical laser scan, the 3D laser scanner completes two phases. Phase 1 collecting
measured points, recording X, Y & Z location, point intensity and colour. Selectable Phase
2 captures 70 Megapixel high resolution pictures used by the ‘Webshare’ image.



Hands down 3D Laser scanning is widely
accepted as the fastest measured surveying
method. It’s ability to record up to 960k
points per second up to a 1mm accuracy,
enabling A3D to record your site assets in
a fraction of time traditional methods take.

cost Effective 

Due to its speed recording your sites assets
becomes incredibly fast and detailed,
offering our clients considerable savings.
With our range of bolt on applications A3D
can offer tank analysis, 3D models, facilities
management and plant videos.


3D scanners use a safe pulse laser, allowing
persons to move in and around our survey
areas. And since we do not need to actually
touch any of your onsite assets to 3D laser
survey, we significantly reduce risks from
slips and trips that traditional methods
expose surveyors to. Elevated details
otherwise inaccessible without temporary
platforms, A3D skilfully capture process
details from ground level.


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A3D will complete pre-planning in order to determine the most efficient and therefore, cost effective solution.


A3D recognise that any form of site work on an operating site must be subject of both RAMS along with planning documents in order to expedite an efficient and safe survey.

3D Laser scan 

Recognised as the referred method for accurately capturing measured site data in using 3D laser scanning instruments. Traditional methods being time consuming  and subject to error.

register scan data  

Once A3D has been out on site with the 3D Laser Scanners we then process the scan using faro scene software.


 A3D uses pipework recognition software to pick out the pipework from the point cloud data this save valuable time modelling.


A3D can provide steel work models this can aid clients in the situation where they need  feed a new line through the site. A3D offer clash detection services.


Auto Cad Plant 3D has a catalogue of spec driven components which replicate onsite assets which can be given individual numbers which correspond with asset management systems.


ALS uses the clients specific nomenclature which allows us to produce 2D deliverables  such as orthos and isos which tie into existing management systems.





Is it intrinsically safe?
No the 3D Laser scanner is not  intrinsically safe, when on sites with explosive atmospheres we do require a hot work permit and only change the battery back in the offices in a safe enviroment.
What will it record ?
A Laser scanner captures everything in its line of site
Do we need to stop production?
Production can proceed as Laser Scanning is non invasive alongside experienced surveyors who have experience in working on COMAH sites.
How accurate is it?
Laser Scanners records data accurately up to +/- 1MM.
why not use a drone ?
At ALS we have researched the use of drones in Laser surveying but the level of accuracy we need to carry out the modelling of a site isn’t enough, as we have only found that they work to an accuracy of 15mm our pipework recognition software needs clear data to work  and drones just aren’t enough yet. Which is fine but the laser scanners do the job well enough without the support of drones. We have realised that tank surveys will benefit from the use of drones.
Will it detect underground pipework?
Laser scanners cannot detected underground pipework, ALS use GPRS to survey pipework underground.

related SERVICES


Piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) are considered a fundamental requirement for companies operating a process operation. P&IDs play a significant role in the maintenance and modification of the process that it describes and should be maintained


The vast engineering experience from over 30 years working within process industries has resulted in A3D now leading in the production of ‘brown field’ technical process models. A3D recognised the importance of our skilled 3D laser surveyors site familiarity.


The A3D Tank analysis reports deliver critical information with a level of detail not previously achieved using traditional methods. since we are using advanced 3d laser scanners with out need for temporary access platforms, thus technology is a market leading competitively priced alternative..


water authority

design service 

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (A3D) recently completed a project
for the water industry at one of their pumping and filtration sites.


inspection drawings 

A major UK pharmaceutical firm, required piping isometrics for NDT purposes of their main process plant, because of the size of the process unit (over 6000m2) and their limited staff, they asked us to scan the unit and from the scan data produce isometrics.

working in

the netherlands 

Our client had a job to design and build a replacement top loading gantry, which was to feed oil into a road tanker, they tried going in and surveying the area, but it was very congested and found they were constantly missing dimensions.