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Advanced 3D Laser Solutions dedicate their engineering backgrounds and extensive knowledge of laser scanning applications, to help our clients comply with HSE legislations like PSSR, DSEAR & Ageing Plant.With the huge benefits that laser scanning brings, we are able to scan / survey your site only once and from this have enough 3D scan data to be able to produce an array of 2D or 3D as-built documentation including:

Process Safety Systems & Regulations (PSSR)

One of the PSSR requirements was for clients sites pipework to be regularly NDT checked, though laser scanning is only a line of site instrument, it does allow us to 3D map out the as-built pipework on site. With the laser scanning data we are able to create accurate 3D models of the pipework and its equipment and from here export out isometrics and orthographic drawings, all done at a fraction of the cost of manual methods.

Visit our case study page for examples

DSEAR (Hazardous Area)

With a background of creating DSEAR drawings within the oil & gas industry, we have seen the huge advantages of using laser scanning, we are able to scan the site and from the data create an accurate (+/-2mm) 2D GA drawing, which can then be used to show the geographical DSEAR zones.

The 3D laser scan data can also be used to create an accurate 3D model of the site, which can then be used to create a 3D DSEAR model; this has greater benefits over a 2D GA because we can see elevations.

The use of the WebShare from the scan data also allows us to re visit the site and take measurements and annotate without leaving the office.

Our engineering background has allowed us to help clients in multiple fields including oil & gas, pharmaceutical and chemical. This has also meant that we have needed to adapt to our clients software requirements, we have been able to apply our scan / survey data into multiple software platforms including Autodesk and Bentley.

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