We recently Scanned a number of Pumps at a Petrochemical company…
Nov 24, 2017

We recently Scanned a number of Pumps at a Petrochemical company…

We at ALS recently completed a scan and model job for a small specialised petrochemical company, the brief was to scan three areas of their site, specifically three belt driven pumps, which were to be removed and replaced with direct drive pumps.

Two of our petrochemical surveyors went on site with two FARO Focus SLine Scanners and took roughly 40 scans, due to their experience on sites like this they understood the relevant dangers and also understood exactly what was required to complete the job.

From the scan data we modelled the existing pumps, pipework and their surrounding areas; this included ground profiles, steelwork, junction boxes and cable trays. Once this was completed we contacted the vendor of the new pumps and they sent us 3D models of the pumps, which we could import directly into our models and pipe directly from them into their tie ins.

The project was finished on time and within budget and the client was left with a Navisworks file, production iOS’s and Bill of materials.

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