Oct 5, 2018

For this project our client required Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (ALS) to complete 3D laser scanning and 3D modelling of a specific process area ahead of a new capital initiative. This initiative would require process changes to enable removal of gas from the top of existing two vessels, compressing the removed gas and returning liquid down-stream. A new gas compressor, tank and heat exchanger would be added to achieve this, however due to complexity of existing process and limited access, a 3D model was chosen to site new installations and provide client management with an easy to understand layout.

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions completed the 3D laser scanning within one day before returning to office to complete the 3D process model. Having the original scan data available to view with the new 3D process model ensured no clashes would occur during the modelling in of the new equipment and pipe lines. The benefit of modelling with full view of scan data cannot be underestimated as ALS were to route new 6” lines through floors, avoiding existing pipe lines, steelwork and cabling.

Once the existing plant was modelled we were able to contact his vendors about documentation on his new compressor and heat exchange, expecting to receive traditional 2D General Arrangements, ALS were pleasantly surprised to discover the equipment vendor had an accurate 3D model for the equipment already. Once received ALS were able to import this equipment model into our 3D process model and complete the pipe routing. The whole process took a matter of days opposed to taking weeks or months and we were able to quickly produce a Bill of Materials, enabling client to quickly and accurately budget for his future project. The installation being completed without fuss, on cost and within the tight schedule this process dictated.

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