Oct 4, 2018

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions (ALS) completed the 3D laser survey on a large upper tier COMAH chemical terminal in the North East of England. The client required ALS to prepare an Autodesk Plant 3D Process model where ALS would be exporting pipework orthographic drawings as part client’s NDT inspection program in meeting their health and safety initiatives.

Prior to start of survey our Operations Manager prepared a detailed scan plan, necessary to ensure efficient progress during the survey given the multiple scanners the three-man team would be operating. ALS submitted RAMS (Risk Assessment + Method Statement) documentation to the terminal management team covering our site scanning activities and mobilisation commenced. ALS used FARO Focus 3D laser scanners, our preferred choice for field surveying as the reliable instruments are light and easy to use. The overall site would require over 1200 scans making the scan plan prepared at outset, essential in determining the daily schedule for the six days spent surveying. Given our experience in surveying large bulk storage terminals, ALS would divide the terminal in to logical areas, for instance tank bunds and loading racks. The individual areas would eventually be linked together using strategic reference scan points throughout the terminal. On completion of the site surveying, the individual scans were registered and processed in preparation for our 3D modelling team, each dedicated to their own areas in building the process models. This method enabling large terminals with over 100 bulk storage tanks, to be modelled efficiently.

Advanced 3D Laser Solutions completed this project on time and within budget. From scanning site to completion of Orthographic NDT inspection pack, the overall project was completed within 12 weeks. Our impressed client being pleased with the efficient turnaround and the ongoing support ALS offered their team in adopting the modelling technology. For those client’s not having accurate P&ID files, ALS can prepare Smart P&IDs using our specialist surveyors who use the smart P&ID package for many reasons including the ability to automatically cross validate our 3D modelling file as a checking facility.

If you would like to know more about ALS and our services, please email or call Ben on +44 (0)1245 407 553.

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