3D & P&ID Validation
Sep 20, 2018

A 3D model and P&ID can become one a powerful tool when working in the process industry, but if your P&ID is illustrating one thing but your model is indicating another; then the user will lose confidence and will revert to a manual procedure.

A client of ours who has a terminal in the midlands had a 3D model created by ourselves, that was to be used for maintenance planning and NDT inspection packs, at the time they didn’t require their P&IDs to be updated or checked, so we proceeded only with the scanning and modelling.

The model and inspection packs were delivered, and the client realised the inaccuracy of his P&IDs, so we convert his existing P&IDs into Auto desk P&ID, once the model and P&IDs were aligned we were able to run a validation check, this report allowed us to check both the model and P&IDs so they both were at an as-built status.

Smart P&IDs are built on a database allowing us to export out a range of reports, these were used to batch upload asset information into the client’s asset management system. Overall the project was completed in good time and because of our oil and gas background we were able to advise him of extra applications, which again saved them time and money.

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